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Manufacturers Courses
Product Training Courses benefits everyone, not least the customer

Many BMA members invest heavily in staff and customer training. Some of their training courses are held at their own premises, some are especially presented ‘out on the road’, and others are web-based. Training is offered to groups and some on an individual basis, some of the courses are free whilst others are fee payable.

So as you can see there is a great variety. For the very latest information you are advised to contact the manufacturer direct.

Why is product training so important?

Manufacturers rely heavily on their staff, stockists and installers having a sound understanding of how bathroom products work and how they must be installed. Where product knowledge is limited it can result in the wrong products being specified or mistakes being made during installation. Mistakes invariably lead to dissatisfied customers and not only are they costly to rectify they can seriously damage reputations.

Manufacturers’ product training, together with courses from the Bathroom Academy, impart knowledge and expertise at a high level in the industry.

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